Affordable Travertine Floor Tiles Are Waiting for You!

Travertine floor tiles can make from your humble home a truly royal and luxurious place. These items are not only elegant and bright nut they are also incomparable in their durability and functionality. Undoubtedly, there are numerous other options in the modern market but very often they look drab and dull in comparison with these tiles. It is right to say that these tiles have been ruling the world of tiles since the ancient Roman times. A great number of Italian buildings and structures have used these stones to enhance the beauty and prolong the durability of the objects. By the way, the most massive historical structures and buildings have been built from this natural stone that can easily sustain any extreme weather conditions. And your home will always look new.

Unfortunately, numerous modern tile types tend to lose their fashion or trendiness after a while. But as for the natural floor stones they are everlasting in both functionality and fashion. They are able to exude attractiveness that is not governed by any rules of fashion. They can withstand not only bad weather conditions but also fashion slides maintaining the beauty of the floors for many years to come.

The travertine floor tiles are not as hard as marble, but are beautiful in the same way. A great number of modern homeowners decide to install these tiles in their homes due to their affordability apart from many other their advantages. The matter is that these items have very much the same look and shine as marble. The most unexpected textures and designs are available nowadays. Many decor themes use travertine due to its universal look that can improve the appearance of almost any interior. Besides, this material is very light in comparison with marble but at the same time it cannot break easily. The process of installing these tiles is easier as well. They are not prone to scratches and hence won't lose their shine even after a few years of usage. Probably, due to all of these benefits and excellent properties travertine floor tiles are applauded by world-wide known decorators.

It is interesting to know that travertine can be used on both floors and walls. For example, these tiles are extensively used on kitchen floors and walls. In addition, these pieces are easy to maintain. They can be easily cleaned and retain shine for a long time. Many modern bathrooms use the newest varieties of these tiles and look just wonderfully. They look like marble and are thus preferred by numerous customers. The bathrooms look fresh and elegant with these tiles installed on the floors. Interiors architects and decorators offer to use travertine in contemporary homes. The tile surface is always soft and cool which is highly appreciated by the users. They are stain and moisture resistant and thus are preferred for kitchens and bathrooms.

Travertine floor tiles may have different finishes the most popular one of which is polished travertine. It looks like marble due to the smooth surface that reflects light perfectly. A honed finish offers an opposite effect - the tiles are smooth but can't reflect much light being matte in finish. They are used mainly in open areas like patios, gardens, etc. The brushed and tumbled varieties are characterized by a pitted look and are available in many textures. The tiles look earthy and natural. These are unique textures and can withstand heavy traffic. The number of patterns and colors available is unlimited.