Fetish Shoes & Fetish Boots

Men and women have much in common: both sexes are crazy about something - while males go crazy about sex and everything connected with it, females go crazy about fashion and designer items including clothes, shoes and accessories. So, it would be a wonderful idea to combine these two insanities. Fetish shoes have both sides of a mankind - they are sexy and they are fashionable. A pair of high-rate fetish shoes is able to turn a shy sheep into naughty lioness! Fetish footwear is nowadays available in a variety of styles and can be worn not only for the party In reality, these shoes offer a number of advantages and functions. So, each modern woman should have at least one pair of those shoes in her wardrobe.

Contemporary designers take care of the biggest women as well, and it's possible to purchase the pair of shoes up to 16 in size. With such a great choice of designs and sizes, no lady will be left without attention and a suitable pair of fetish shoes. You will look not only sexy but also feel comfortable. Consider such exclusive styles as open heel, open calf, and certainly industrial styles.

Nowadays, fetish shoes are very popular among famous people as well. Thus, Beyonce demonstrated her wonderful ballet shoes in one of her new music videos. On the other hand, Rhianna was seen wearing the shoes and sandals with the platform of seven and eight inches high. Lady Gaga is well known for her unusual and even astonishing trends, so it's no doubt that she has been caught on the red carpet while wearing a number of exclusive fetish shoes.

As you can see, there're numerous styles of fetish shoes for you to choose from. However, it would be right to discuss the most popular ones. The first are platform shoes which have been fashionable for several decades already. Every grown-up person knows that platforms are usually worn during the night time. These can be just platforms or the ones with heels. The latter are able to work wonders, as they make woman's legs look longer and extremely sexy.

One can also add a long thin stiletto heel to the shoe and get a really extreme look. This is a very bold shoe that looks like a person is walking on her toes. The design of these shoes is made in such a way that the woman seems to be walking on the tips of her toes all the time. Undoubtedly, fetish shoes can be worn by brave and bold women only, those who aren't afraid of attracting much attention to their personality. There're hard rocker females as well, they desperately need to have the metal stiletto.

Summing up, it's necessary to say that if you wish to draw attention of all men present at the party, choose a pair of stylish fetish boots for you. Spice up your own life and the life of the people surrounding you! Make your fashion personal statement!