More Exercise Means Fit

March 1, 2017

"Healthy Bodies" run on food that keeps you healthy. This mean no sugar, and lots of healthy fruits and vegetables. If you eats lots of fruits and vegetables, and make sure you get plenty of rest and exercise, then you will stay fit and trim and live to be old and gray. That is the goal of eating right, getting more sleep and exercising, right? you want to live an longer more prosperous life?

Exercise is another good thing about super beta prostate, and you can always walk more to get fit. Lifting is good, but you can over do it. Everything in moderation. I try to walk at least 30 minutes to an hour 3 to four times per week. If I could walk every day, it would be even better. Folks in Europe walk everywhere, whereas we here in the United States take our car everywhere. Shame on us. So, how much exercise is enough exercise, if you are doing more than walking? If you lift, you should not work the same muscles two days in a row, so work your legs two or three days a week, and your upper body two or three days a week. Make sure to have some time off to recover as well. Find more on working out here: Modern Exercise

Eat right, get plenty of sleep and exercise. The most important thing of course, is to drink plenty of filtered water. At least an ounce for every pound of weight. So if you weight 200 pounds, you should be drinking at least a gallon or two a day. Water is the staff of life. you body is almost 80% water. Making sure you have enough water makes you regular, sleep better, and gets rid of stress and headaches. So keep on drinking water. Water is Staff of Life

What about whole grains? Yes, yes and yes. You could east lots of whole grains, and not worry about carbohydrates. You need to worry about carb's when you are eating a lot of empty calories, like white bread, and crackers, and sugary stuff. Avoid the modified food starches, and enriched stuff, and run away from fruit drinks that have no fruit in them, but mostly sugars. If it says high fructose corn syrup,. avoid it like the plague.

Protein is OK, as long as you avoidthe fats, and eat the lean meats. This does not mean you have to give up beef, it just menas you should avoid real fatty cuts, and again, everything in moderation!

Posted by Jean Jayston