Morning walk is a very good exercise

August 15, 2017

"MORNING WALK"- I know many people becomes lazy hearing this word itself, as it deprives them from the sweetest thing in the world i.e. sleep. But when they will come to know about its positives it's for sure they will just love applying it in their life. Morning walk has many benefits and keeps body away from many diseases as well as keeps healthy. It is a dynamic body process that stretches your mind and your soul.

Morning walk is a very good exercise too. It enriches the entire body. There are many benefits testro-x of going for a morning walk like it energizes the body and calm mind to relax. It also helps in lifting your spirits by imparting freshness, thus swings mood in a happy direction.It also makes you experience a physical and a spiritual upliftment. The main effect of morning walk is on the mind as it takes it to the highest level. Creativity and vitality are the greatest gifts given by morning walk to mind. Apart from these there are many other ways you could possibly benefit yourselves from morning walk. The main source if living that is oxygen you get from it. The early time of the day i.e. morning give you fresh oxygen, thus helps in the proper functioning of the lungs. Fresh oxygen contains great amount of energy that in case helpful for the lubrication of the joints. It makes you spend quality time with the natural surrounding.

People who do so many other kinds of efforts in lowering their cholesterol can do it in a moment of time by little exercise, morning walk. The movement due to morning walk releases good cholesterol in the blood, thus opens channels for energy. It also helps in increasing the blood circulation. While we do walk especially in morning we focusses on our each footstep, which in turn called as walking meditation. Also it make focus on the rhythm of the breath that induces self awareness in us. Thus in all morning walk is a stress free, creative and rejuvenating experience.


Morning walk affects body in a number of ways towards positive. It leads it to fitness. Let us see how.

1) Walking is a very good exercise for those want to slim their body. For fatty people it works in a great way. If person takes everyday morning walk of 45 minutes can loose 18 pounds in a year that too without affecting their routine diet. There is no need to do any dieting but yes there is a great need to do morning walk.

2) If you take a brisk walk in morning it fortifies your heart and lungs. Thus imparts cardiovasculay fitness to the body, which is very good for being healthy. If person's heart and lungs are strong he or she can do any work without being tired for a very long time period. It's a real fact that you can experience yourself. It is the result of fresh oxygen that heart and lungs receive.

3) Making body flexible is the greatest gift to the body. You can move your body in any direction as it stretches muscles that also helps in blood circulation. People who don't go for morning walk have a very stiff body. This exercise is very vital for remaining flexible.

4) Muscular endurance is the result of morning walk only. It in turn makes body tiring after a long period. Muscular endurance is not even the cup of tea of marathon runners also, thus it's understandable how essential morning walk is. Walking helps build your ability to do something longer without fatigue.

5) Morning walk in addition to the body keeps mind also healthy. It increases the grasping power of mind.

All these are enough to make to you awake in the morning. Have a healthy life by just putting little effort.

Posted by Jean Jayston