Norwegian Elkhound Temperament and Lifespan

The Norwegian Elkhound is truly called an independent thinker because he usually does what he wants. Probably this is the reason why you need to start early socialization and training of your dog. They are hard to train due to such an independent nature, but the training methods must be firm and consistent, some one reverse mortgage. This dog requires a firm person who would be consistent in his training. These extroverted clowns associate themselves with their master and do not necessarily perform each command. Still, they are devoted, protective loyal, and possessive of their property and family. Your dog will be happy if you take him everywhere with you because he likes the attention and interaction with his master. He is a perfect watchdog but is never aggressive. The Norwegian Elkhound lives on average from 12 to 15 years.

How Much Does a Norwegian Elkhound Cost and Price Range

The cost of the Norwegian Elkhound varies drastically. Each puppy requires appropriate health testing before purchasing, as it can be sick with some hereditary illness such as hip dysplasia and problems with eyes. Even though they are expensive, but they are worth the money. You will need to ensure that both dog's parents have been x-rayed, had their blood and urine tested for hereditary kidney and liver disease. Do not buy a dog from the breeder who says that this testing is not necessary. You risk getting a sick pet. The average price of a 20-week puppy is about $300-600. It is not recommended to buy the Norwegian Elkhound from a pet store. It is better to look for a breeder who gives a health guarantee and results of health testing. Do not buy a puppy without documents. Well-bred puppies range from $600 to $2500.

Norwegian Elkhound Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

The Norwegian Elkhound is about 20.5 inches tall and has a medium size. Males are 55 pounds and females are 48 pounds. The dog of this breed has a double weather-resistant coat. The topcoat is thick, smooth and short. The undercoat is woolly, dense, and soft. The common color is medium gray with black-tipped hairs. The dog's mane and chest are a lighter gray. The Elkhound doesn't shed too much most of the year, but he sheds heavily two or three times a year. In this period he needs weekly brushing. Generally, it is a clean breed. He doesn't smell too doggish and needs baths rarely. Use only a high-quality dog shampoo.

Norwegian Elkhound Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

The Norwegian Elkhound was bred to hunt big animals. This dog has unusual stamina. He would bark and jump around the bear, moose, or wolf, until the hunter arrived. They are talented noisemakers. For this reason, you will need to do a lot of obedience work with your dog. In general, this breed makes a perfect family dog and always wants to please his master. These doggies are not fond of toys, instead, they love to chase balls and to run.